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The Thing In The Attic

£47.39 price tag is giving me second thoughs

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Ok looking at DQ and D&D Wrath of AShsomething/ Ravenloft  same price for all 3

DQ tons of nice looking tiles.  Character Art,,, Terrinoth is lame.

Wizards Of the Coast D&D tons of amazing minis. Like some of the best. And LOTS. But bad tiles. Hmm which one is worth $50?


I think DQ should be like $30

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LOL I dont think we will agree on this debate...

I think we should agree to differ on this subject but the truth is some customers/followers feel FFG who adore the company are getting a rough deal and some are not.

I feel I personally do and that's not even getting into other games such as Talisman/Dungeon/Highlands which are roughly the same price and differ in quantities...

I will keep up as much as I can afford and miss out on other things which is due to cost rather than want!

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Ok so I finally bit the bullet and bought the game. It's been niggling at my concience for ages; i should enjoy this game, i will enjoy this game.

so it arrived to day - problem! I got six players for tonights game session including myself, my biggest fear was if a couple of em die early and they get board.

so when my mates came round I explained at the start about the death rate, the concept that the game is all about looting and dying, and that players may be out early while the game could last a couple of hours for others , and finally i explained that the game was designed for up to four players not six.

so is this game up to a 6 player beating?


the answer is ..... HELL YES ! !!!

and boy did we have a blast.

Firstly i ruled that 2 players would double up at the tower at the start and then set off 1 turn later. the game lasted about 3.5 hours with some small amount of rule thumbing involved, [i'd pre downloaded and read the rules last week]

the first thing players noticed was the combat cards slowed the game and made the turn waiting time longer, however once we got the hang of it, things really did speed up, especially as the first player to die then ran all the monster combat from then on and he picked up the combat system very quickly and to a very deadly degree. boy he was brutal

one player thought a dice combat system would have been better, but for the most part we got used to and accepted the card combat system. the hardest part for us, believe it or not, was reclaiming power cards and re piling up the combat cards, felt a bit messy.

as a gaming group we felt it didn't matter if you died quickly because we were just having a good time being together, one guy took over the monsters, one guy managed all the dungeon card decks and  one guy, me, kept making all the brews. it was fun simply being at the table watching your mates having a laugh, and laugh we did especially when the all corridors rotate card came up. 

it was also nice to not have to be immersed in so much strategy for once, we play strategy heavy games like twilight imperium, warrior knights, arkham horror, etc

one player won with 1600 gp loot

9 out of 10 [combat dice, we feel, would have been more apt for the setting and game speed ]  

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