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New Tokens In Troop Packs

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Trooper Pack Reich:

2x Rubble Token



1x Mad Minute

1x MP40

1x Stiehlandgrenate

1x Keep Firing

1x Extra Ammunition

1x First Aid Kit

2x Camp 111 (+1 Bonus to Combat Value for each friendly Model on your Path - Von Heizinger must also be chosen)

2x Mechanized Arm (+2 Dice to H2H-Attacks; may be placed on overwatch without spending CP during the Place Charakters on OW Step)



1x Demon Taint

1x Combat Knife

1x Supernatural Strength

1x Immunity to Pain

1x Not Dead Yet

1x Celerity

2x Kampfmesser Böse (H2H-Weapen, does not take up an equipment slot)

2x Infernal Sustenance (whenever the Stosstruppen inflicts at least 1 wound on an opponent, he may heal 1 wound for each wound inflicted)



Trooper Pack Union

2x Fire Token (for the AN-M11)


Commando Alpha:

1x Keep Moving

1x Flash Gun MK1

1x MKII A1 (Grenade)

1x M15 (Smoke Grenade)

1x Reising M50

1x Go! Go! Go!

2x Only Unit for the Job (when killed, the unit takes an immediate aktivation, after that he will be removed from play)

2x Watch my Back (Unit may counterattack if possible, after a friendly unit is wounded by an attack - the friendly unit may not counterattack then)


Commando Delta:

1x BG-42

1x Smith & Wesson 1917

1x Keep Moving

1x M15

1x Go! Go! Go!

2x AN-M11 (like a smoke grenade, but units entering a circle on its path suffer 3 automatic successes)

2x Moving Target (+1 to Movement Value; all attacks that target the unit suffer -1 to all dice rolled)


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Well, that´s the Text of Kampfmesser Böse:

"Weapon, Hand-to-Hand: This Token does not take up an equipment slot."


So maybe you put it simly next to the other tokens, so you have 1 free slot.

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