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Mr. Dawn's Promo Sale!

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Hey Kids!  You need a promo but can't find it?  Well I've got plenty right here! 

Set 1
Halloween Town Sora Foil Only: $5
Riku Level 2: Foil $5, Non-Foil: $2
Simba Level 1: Foil $6, Non-Foil $3
Tinkerbell Level 1: Foil $4, Non-Foil $2

Set 2
MerSora Level 1: Foil $3, Non-Foil $4
Cid Level 1: Foil $4, Non-Foil $2
Tigger Level 1: Foil $2, Non-Foil $1

Set 3 (This set came and went so fast, not many people had a chance to acquire the promos)
Flag Sora Level 2: Foil $6, Non Foil, $5
Kairi Level 0: Foil $7, Non-Foil, $6
Daisy Duck Level 0: Foil $3, Non-Foil $20 (Non-Foil Daisys were only handed out at the Origins Convention 2 years ago, since then they've been THE hardest Promo to track down...I believe I got lucky enough to have the last ones.)

Set 4 (The game died soon after this set's release, so some of these promos weren't even released officially and could only be acquired through a mail in promotion)
Event 1: Foil $2, Non-Foil $6 (Foils of this card came with each box of boosters, so non-foils were much more rare)
Snow White: Foil $5, Non-Foil $4 (Snow White was handed out at the National Championship at last year's GenCon, so she's not as rare as the other Princesses.
Cinderella: Foil $10, non-Foil $5
Aurora (Sleeping Beauty): Foil $10, Non-Foil $5
Belle: Foil $10, Non-Foil $5

Prices are also always negotiable as well, will be more than willing to cut a big discount on bulk purchases.

SPECIAL SALE!: An Uncut Sheet of Cards from Set 1!  Only available to tournament winners. - $100 or best offer.

Feel free to email me at Straight_Edger2021@hotmail.com with any offers! ^_^

Thanks and Happy Shopping!

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