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Robb Stark's ability (the capture rating one) and Rallying Ordered Units

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I apologize if either questions has been answered but I found none with the search function.

First, the ability allows Robb Stark to increase his capture rating before attack dice are rolled.

How long does the bonus provided by the first ability of Robb Stark, Young Wolf last?

A) one attack (if Robb is flanked and both the flanker and engaged attack then Robb must do it twice to get a better capture rating against both)

B) all attacks that turn (increased for both the engaged and the flanker)

C) or the entire round (such as during the first attack and even against parting blows later during the Stark turn)

As written it seems to last the entire game which is most likely wrong.


Second, some cards refer to rallying ordered units. Note that this is different from the generic card "Rally all units" card both sides has. I am talking about the flip ability on Rickard Karstark and Robb Stark's leadership cards 3 and 4.

They have similar wording so I'll just use Rickard's flip ability which is (me paraphrasing) flip the commander card after ordering Rick's unit to rally Rick and all adjacent cav units. To use this ability which situation is correct?

A) Rickard is already unactive, but by ordering him with a token will allow you to flip him and rally himself and the nearby cav. Turn is complete.

B.) Same as above but Rickard gets to also move and attack.

C.) Rickard is active and you order him with a token. After his normal move and attack you flip him and rally him and all nearby cav.


Thanks in advance for the answers.

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The new battle report answered my question concerning Rickard. It seems scenario C was correct as Rob committed Rickard at the end of his attack.

Hopefully someone will know the answer to my first question.

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