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[Story Mode] Trust is for the Foolish

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I was working on comming up with a new scenario for "Story Mode" and was hoping to run it by the community here to get some feedback.



Comrades, Zor'ka has betrayed the politburo! She has hold herself up with her minions in our top secret weapons plant where our new Mind Control device has been under development. The politburo sent in a team but they have been captured. Even the specialists of the Reich and the Union have fallen before Zor'ka's might. She must be stopped.

In a last ditch effort, the politburo has authorized a temporary ceasefire with the Reich and the Union to go in and kill Zor'ka. Be warned, satellites have confirmed that Reich general Von Heizinger is working a long side Zor'ka. If situation permits, the Reich has authorized us to bring him and any of his lackies down. Zor'ka may also have obtained the services of the renowned mercenary “Wolf”, but this has yet to be confirmed.

-Eva Kramer
-Yula Korlitz

-Bobby Brown


--4 Viviodes
-Karl Zerman
-Wolf (Optional)


Captured soldiers are members of the previous teams sent by their governments to stop Zor'ka. They are stationed randomly around the map as decided by the player playing Zor'ka though no two prisoners can be within 5 circles of each other.  Captured soldiers can only be rescued by members of their own side (Only union player's troops can rescue Tala, etc).  The prisoners identities remain undisclosed until the rescuing character is in an adjacent space.  Finally any rescued characters begin unarmed and at the lowest stat level (As they have been tortured and deprived of food, .

UNION: Tala Aponi
REICH: Schocktruppen
PRIORY: Irishka

Because the mind control facility is not operational (yet), Zor'ka is using the three primary reactors to provide additional power to her suit. For each reactor that is operational, Zor'ka can shrug off 1 point of damage automatically.  Therefor the more reactors out of commission, the easier it will be to kill the Slavic god.  Should a reactor be deactivated, any of Zorka's minions (excluding Viviodes) can use an action when adjacent to a deactivated reactor to turn it back on.  Reactors that are destroyed cannot be repaired.

Zor'ka's goons are attempting to bring the completed facility online however preparations are taking longer than anticipated. Players will have ____ turns to kill Zor'ka before the plant is brought online.

All command points earned by normal methods go into a pool that can be used by any member in the alliance as long as that member has not activated their bonus objectives.

ALLIES: Zor'ka is killed before the plant is made operational.
ZOR'KA: All enemies are defeated.

Keep in mind that while these sides may be working together, they are far from allies. Bonus objectives may net you more command points to use during the mission, but revealing your intentions too soon may result in nothing but failure. Keep a close watch on your “allies” movements for they might not always be what they seem and try to strategically place your own units so that when the time to move comes, you can act swiftly to achieve your goal. And remember, only you know your own faction's secondary objective. Each player who completes their bonus objectives gets 2 command points that can only be used by them.  Bonus objectives are chosen at random.

-Destroy the 3 reactors to the facility causing it to explode.
-Locate and recover 2 secret documents.

-Kill the other two sides prisoners and rescue your own.
-Recover three enemy weapons from fallen enemies or allies.

-Capture at least 2 reactors and prevent the Union from destroying them.
-Abduct your other "allies" prisoners and escort them to your entrance point.


I'd like to get at least three or four different bonus objectives per team.  I tried to make the bonus objectives fit each side's personalities as can be seen above. My main concern though is trying to make traitor mode fun without overshadowing the idea that the three players HAVE to work together if they hope to defeat Zorka.

I'm also not sure how I want to equip Zor'ka and her forces.  I dont want it to be one sided, but I'd like the Allies to have to rely on good teamwork and strategy and not just mass rushing Zorka's forces.


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