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Some Open Questions To FFG Regarding The Deluxe Set

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While the DT deluxe set comes with a hefty price tag, price isn't always the issue for me. I have some more important questions that I would like answered before taking the plunge. I have popped these questions below and hopefully someone from FFG or behind the deluxe set could clarify the position.

01. Will a close up gallery of the minis be posted so we know exactly what to expect?

02. Will/if this gallery be an exact representation of the minis paint quality we can expect to receive?

03. If the box set minis we receive is not like the ones in the gallery. Will we have recourse to the company for replacements or a refund?

04. Will there be a distributor of the Deluxe sets in the UK i.e. take orders on our behalf to save what will obviously be a very costly shipping charge on top of the set cost?

05. Can FFG guarantee all expansions will also be produced in Deluxe versions?

06. Will the minis paint finish be robust enough to be played with or will it flake or chip off?

07. How will the paint scheme of the base set tie in with those of the expansions?

08. Following on from Q7 would there be the possibility to choose a universal paint scheme when ordering?

09. Will the minis be made from a suitably robust plastic so as we do not end up with warped rifles etc?

10. Will squad boxes be available and if so? Will they also have a pre-paint option?

11. How long can we expect to wait from time of order to delivery?

12. How do we order a deluxe set?

In summary if I am am going to pay a lot for a pre-paint set I want to know exactly what the quality will be like and that it will be supported. I actually think the price is okay if the paint jobs are good enough to warrant the price.

If anyone else here has any further questions feel free to tag them on and hopefully someone from FFG or behind the game will respond or at least take note, who knows.

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