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Interesting Ship Names

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 This is an excellent thread as a tool for GMs.  The two ships my PCs have commanded were the "Perdition" and "Absolution by Fire" The latter of which used to be a Penitence Ship which was "refitted" after an inmate uprising. 






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A few more that I've collected from similar threads on other forums:

End of Innocence (Ministorum planetary assault lander)
Rule of Murphy (Rouge Trader)
Dream of Glory
Treason Eternal (Chaos)
Big River (Rouge Trader)
Far Roads (Rouge Trader)
Fury of Belladon
Undeniable Reason (Mechanicus)
Denial of Cowardice
Triumph of Bravery
Three-Edged Sword (Inquisitorial vessel)
Climbing the Golden Stairs (pilgrim vessel)
Death and Taxes
A Statistic (as in: "One death is a tragedy, one million is a statistic)
Death Solves All Problems
Brave Men Die Once
Tyranny's Salvation
Velvet Glove

Keep the thread alive!

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FoxPhoenix135 said:

Hey guys, I compiled Razorboy's list into a spreadsheet and added a randomization factor. So here's a simple spreadsheet that can generate ship names for you, quite easily too.



Impressive! Thank you! I feel I should've edited my earlier posts to fix some of the errors and discrepancies that Bilateralrope had pointed out. I'll do so tomorrow. /yawn/

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