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Wow, it's own forum- and thanks for bringing them back

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I didn't think the AH investigators were coming back...ever. I would have bought them at the previous price point and was upset they got cancelled, but I'm happy they're back.

I imagine that the reason they're at this lower price is because there is no distributor or retail markup on the price. The direct sales allow FFG to make some profit while keeping the price down.

Hopefully, some RPG gamers for Call of Cthulhu or some pulp adventures will be picking up some of these, too.

The complaints are silly. I don't know where some of these people shop where they get painted minis for less than $3.99, or if they play the same games that I do, which cost a crapload of money.

The minis are optional, if the price bugs you, don't buy.

I'll be buying a few as soon as they're available.


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After all, the article about the minis cancellation was called "Lost in time and space". I'm glad the AO was not Yog ::laughing::
Anyway, don't know really if I'll ever see them..

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