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some rules questions...

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Terrain type: Crest block line of sight beyond the first hex.  I assume that this is for the unit that is in the lower part, no?

Out of command units: It says(on page 27) that OofC units cannot move, make mêlée attacks or charge, or use Event/Reaction cards; all of their other capabilities are unaffected, including fight in mêlée, fire, and formation change.  So... can they do mêlées or not?

Recalling Cavalry: They can only move in their rear hexes, right?

Advance after a fire combat(page 35):  it says... may advance into the hex left vacant by the enemy target unit at the end of it's group's action.  When exactly is this? All firing units of the same group fire, and then I decide if the succesful unit advance?

Does a UGC(or CC) with the unit in question move with it or not?

Advance after mêléé combat:  The unit must advance. Immediately, or after all mêlées from the same group? Does a UGC(or CC) with the unit in question move with it or not?

Cavalry charge: Can cavalry advance after a charge?

Retreat/Rout: Is it possible to make a retreat or rout move in a unit's flank hex? Or must it be always toward the rear hexes?


Thanks for the help!






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