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A Chest Change my Wife and I made up that seems to be working

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So far I have only played the game with my wife. I play the Overlord and she plays the Champions. One thing we noticed is getting a useful treasure piece hard to come by and its not like there is an over abundance of money and chest laying around. So we have been play testing with two new sets of rules.


1st set:

We pull Items here two champions will not be able to use out. This does not include stuff she doesnt like but just non champion related weapons.



Once and only once she can purchase an item of her choice from a chest color all ready discovered. Now this requires going to town and trading in at least 1 said treasure for 1/2 its amount.

So far the second seems the most reasonable. Well thats it let me know what you think.

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The heroes can purchase treasures (randomly drawn from the appropriate deck) in town as soon as they've opened one chest of that color.

I think the bigger problem may be that it sounds like you're playing with just two heroes. If so, finding useful treasures is hardly the only problem you'll encounter. The game is really designed to be played with 4 heroes (but works okay with just 3 heroes before you add any of the expansions), and it's not particularly well balanced for playing with fewer. If you have more heroes, with different focuses, you're much more likely to have at least one party member who can use any randomly selected treasure.


EDIT - Oops, I missed the "item of her choice" part. I thought you were just allowing a one-time treasure purchase, and that's something already allowed by the rules. If you're playing with only 2 heroes, this change is not going to be significant enough to actually make the heroes competitive (after you've gotten past the couple intro quests), but it's probably unnecessary if you're using an appropriate number of heroes.

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