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3 questions re: Patmos Amulet

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<< The Patmos Amulet: • Occult • As an action, engage in a Mental duel with any target within (your Mental value + 1). This target may be out-of-path. If you win, the target immediately attacks the closest character to him, friend or foe, with your choice of his Weapons. This attack may not use Mental Weapons. If multiple characters are equally close, you choose among them. If there are no available targets to attack, no attack is made, just the movement. After this attack, the target moves its full normal complement of movement points (or as many as possible) away from you through circles of your choice, and may not be activated for the rest of the turn. >>

1) When "the target immediately attacks the closest character to him, friend or foe" does this mean the closest character that the target can legitimately attack?  In other words, if another character is closer, but off-Path and can't be attacked, does that count?

2) When it says that the wielder of the Patmos Amulet may direct the attack "with your choice of his Weapons", does this specifiucally refer to "Weapons" ONLY?  What about other items affecting the target's attacks?  For example, MacNeal's Night Eyes allow him to see in Smoke.  Does this mean that if he is in smoke and is the target & victim of the Patmos Amulet, the wielder of the Amulet can force MacNeal to use his Flashgun in the Smoke and add 2 to his lowest Dice roll?  (Note that Night Eyes doesn't say that the player MAY add 2, rather it says that he DOES add 2.)

3) Can Heizinger force the target to move away from him, but onto a Path that another Reich is "overwatching"?

All of these came up in my last game.







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1: I would say, the closest Character the target has a weapon for. Meaning: if there is a 4 circle char out of path, and a 5 circle char in path, the out of path charcter is only attack if the target has a weapon that allows out of path attacks.

2: The Goggles say "every time you attack" the Amulet says "Immediately attacks" thefore, in this special case: yes the goggles are used with patmos.

as far as i see ramirez visor, Volkov's "hero of rugen", Blutsturms "critical hit" Schocktruppen's Mad Minute Stoßtruppens and Ozo's Supernatural strenght and Demon Taint also work.

Not working, as I see it are Yulas Close combat bar and whirlwind (its not her activation, although the target looses its activation) Any Grenades (since tehre no attacks)

I am Unsure about the "may" abilitys and hardware (Volkov's multiple target, Yulas Polonium and Krueger special, wolfs luck, barry's A6A special, MacNeal's combat Badge).


I am Also not Sure if "Kaali" is a legal Weapon Choice for Patmos, since in my understanding it doesn't target a Character, you just make an Attack roll, and if you have at least 1 sucess, you place a meteop on a circle.


3: The caracter HAS to move away from you, through circles of YOUR choice, but as far as I see, Overwatch is not triggerd, since its Heinziger activation, not the Activation of the target, although the target looses its activation, if it hadn't been activated yet. This leads to, that Yout eam can't make an iverwatch attack against it, but your opponent may, wich would be Hilarious if you controlled one of him. (Note that you may target your own characters with Patmos, meaning, you can make another attack after the original activation)


but another qustion: When Zor'Ka is the target of Patmos, what is the nearest target? I Would assume, since the ruling is "all circles adjacent to a Smiljian Mudule or coil is considerd Adjecent to you for a magnifier Attack" I would Assume, all targets in such a circle and adjecent to you are at range 1.

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