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Meta in America???

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Player Card: Riku Lv 2

Lv 0:
The King

Lv 1:

Lv 2:
2x King Triton
Fairy Godmother
Jack Skellington
Yuffie BoD <333

Lv 3:
Jack Skellington
Jack Sparrow
3x Bambi

Lv 4:
Donald Duck ADA
Goofy ADA

3x Soul Eater
Ultima Weapon

Kingdom Key

3x Stopra <333

2x Disney Castle
Monstro Lv 1
Destiny Island Lv 1

Dark Cards:
Cave of Wonders
Behemoth ADA

Event 1 (The crack of dawn)


Outside of some of the out standing cards i think this is the meta in america. I mean stopra is busted....

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This was the meta back in Set 2 because we didn't have powerful control cards like Monstro, Phil and Owl...hell, a Stopra Aggro took the National Championship that year...but when those three cards hit, the Stopra deck just feel apart.

How does this deck stop those three cards from completely screwing you over? Huey, Duey and Louie aren't ever going to hit the board with a Monstro in play...there's no American way to get rid of Phil reliably, and you aren't running any Tidus Level 0's to stop Owl.

So if I get a Monstro, a Phil, and an Owl in play...and I will, because any good deck without Japanese cards should be running enough of them...your deck stalls to a screaming halt.


Now...on another hand...if we're talking Japanese cards, this Stopra Riku Aggro gets an awesome Update with Way to the Dawn (to stop Heal Stall and deal more damage), Land of Dragons Level 2 (Finally a counter to Monstro), Tidus Level 1 (Finally a Counter to Phil), and enough Dark Control cards to choke a Behemoth.  Take a look at the build I came up with (should be a few threads down from this one.)...THAT'S what I believe the Meta would have been...that and an amazing Timeless River World Racer. 

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actually owl and phil could never screw me over, tho it prevents stopra and Magic friends, my friend cards have high attacking power, and i have back up cards (i have moded the deck). The duck tales have been takin out for a Chip n Dale, Tidus and Simba lv 1.

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