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Project R. (Clone Wars)

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Hey everyone so I need some help with a project i'm working on. I am building a Clone Regiment ... and I have realized they are HUGE, like 2,000 troops if my math is correct. 

I LOVE making characters, but 2,000 is a bit much for myself. And honestly i'm not really looking too make 2,000 full characters, but i'm interested in getting a solid handful of fully built characters and at least filling the rest with named clones.

So I would love some community help and I'm really excited to see what we get.  Everyone is welcome to do as many as they want and they can be full characters or just a basic Bio.

Basic Info Needed:

  • Name (Rex, Cody, Fives)
  • CT number XXXX (CT-7567, CC-2224,  CT-5555,)
  • Type/ Class/ Career [This could be the Type or Class from any of the Battlefront games and/or the career and Specialization from either of the Clone Wars Era books.) Assault,  Officer, Jet Trooper, Arc, Engineer.]
  • Rank ( Please choose one of the following: Trooper, Sergeant, Lieutenant, Captain) please remember that the majority should be troopers
  • Color ( Please select one of the following: Red, Orange, Blue, Green, Black) This to help me assign each character to the different Battalions that make up this Regiment. 
  • Notes

Just to make sure it is said, I am wanting this info for each Clone, so if you do more then one please make sure there are identified clearly.

Another note is that if you are trying to do a group as a specific squad, there are 8 Troopers and 1 Sergeant per squad. Not saying anyone has to, but y'all are more than welcome to. Just don't forget the Squad name.

I know this is not the normal type of request we get here, but this will be used in multiple campaigns, games and other things, so all help is appreciated.

Like always, thank you everyone for the  help! All comments, questions, and concerns are welcome, and of course May the Force be with you!


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On 1/7/2021 at 9:59 AM, Lord Zack said:

What kind of regiment are we talking about? Infantry, armor, artillery. etc?

I would probably say Infantry, but there could be Platoon or Squad that specialized in things Artillery, Armor and other things. Honestly I'll take anything y'all will give me. 

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Well, let's see...

You've got 4 Battalions in a Regiment, 4 Companies in a Battalion, 4 Platoons in a Company, and 4 Squads in a Platoon.

You can have the Battalions specialize in different things. So for example, 2 Line Battalions, 1 Attack Battalion, and 1 Armor Battalion.

Then each Battalion is broken down even further. Here's an example breakdown for a line regiment, with a name I pulled out of thin air:

  • 17th Infantry Regiment:
    • Line Battalion (2):
      • 4 companies:
        • 3 line companies: 4 line platoons.
        • 1 assault company 2 line platoons, 2 assault platoons with 2 AT-TEs total.
    • Attack Battalion:
      • 4 companies:
        • 2 line companies: 4 line platoons.
        • 1 assault company: 2 line platoons, 2 assault platoons with 2 AT-TEs total.
        • 1 tank company: 2 line platoons, 2 tank platoons with 8 AT-TEs total.
    • Armor Battalion:
      • 4 companies:
        • 2 tank companies: 2 line platoons, 2 tank platoons with 8 AT-TEs total.
        • 1 breakthrough armor company: 1 line platoon, 2 tank platoons with 8 AT-TEs total, 1 repulsortank platoon with 12 TX-130 Saber Tanks total.
        • 1 repulsortank company: 2 line platoons, 2 repulsortank platoons with 24 TX-130 Saber Tanks total.


  • Unit makeup:
    • Platoons:
      • Line Platoon: 4 line squads.
      • Assault Platoon: 2 line squads, 1 heavy weapons squad, 1 tank section.
      • Tank Platoon: 4 tank sections.
      • Repulsortank Platoon: 4 repulsortank squads.
    • Squads:
      • Line Squad: 9 troopers and a Sergeant. (10 personnel)
      • Heavy Weapons Squad: 9 troopers and a Sergeant, armed with 3 EWHB-12 Heavy Repeating Blasters or 4 RPS-6 Rocket Launchers. (10 personnel)
      • Tank Section: 1 AT-TE. (7 personnel)
      • Repulsortank Squad: 3 TX-130 Saber Tanks (9 personnel)

Each platoon, company, and battalion has an HQ which adds a couple extra members to its roster, depending on the type of unit.

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