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Green Knight

Vassal Clone Wars Tournament

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Time for a Vassal tournament to celebrate a more civilized age for Armada!

Sign up in this thread for a 3-round Swiss in each of 2 pods (EURO and US), with a top 8 elimination cut!!!

This is a REPUBLIC and SEPARATIST only tourney. No Rebels or Imps allowed.

Why join this slugfest of Clones, Jedi, Droids, and Sith?

1. The Clone War has begun.

2. The new 1.5 rules have been revealed.

3. The upgrade pack errata/points changes was made available in the new RRG.

4. Armada module version 4.1.0 is here. This will be the first tourney using this major upgrade.

5. The pandemic is still a thing, so maybe you're not getting loads of IRL action? I'm not.

6. The Vassal Would Cup is still a way off.

7. It'll be fun!

8. Ahsoka will be sad if you don't.

Ahsoka Tano Was Nearly in Attack of the Clones, Says Dave Filoni – /Film


Fleet submission link: https://forms.gle/t5jZopZMKgRkX68A7

Deadline is December 4th

Armada Warlords has the new points and card images: http://armadawarlords.hivelabs.solutions/

Same with Kingston: https://armada.ryankingston.com/


We're using tabletop.to to show players/lists, generate pairings, and track points.

EURO: https://tabletop.to/vassal-cw-swiss-euro

US: https://tabletop.to/vassal-cw-swiss-us

Cut: TBA


Standard 400 points, max 134 in squads.

We'll use RRG 1.5 rules. They have been released on FFG's Armada page.

Short summary:

  • SAdv, Bail & Ppyce Banned
  • Pass tokens
  • Buffed Evade
  • Max 4 aces (uniques with def tokens)
  • Non-recurring exhaust cards (to pay to ready them, as indicated in the RIGHT HAND sidebar)
  • New left-sidebar for tracing "charges" (i.e. command tokens) on the upgrade card
  • New squadron keywords

We'll use updated costs/game text from the card pack. Both Warlords and Kingston have the new costs. Module version 4.1.0 also have them.

  • Engine Techs: Despite weak wording from FFG, ET exhausts after overlapping a ship, end of story.


Since we want this tourney to be quick and fun (and not interfere with the WC too much) I've decided to split the players into 2 groups: EUR and US.

By default all players are in the US group, unless it says EUR next to their name. IF you want to switch group, let me know ASAP.

Each group will play 3 rounds Swiss. Top 4 of each group will got to a top 8 cut, where 3 elimination rounds will decide who wins the Clone Wars!

Tournament Regs are in effect.

  • Relaxed Event
  • I'm a playing TO. I play a yank list. Don't worry. Or should you... ? 🙃🤪 


Fleet submissions: December 4th.

Start r1: As soon as I can mange after receiving fleets, no later than Monday, December 7th.

Rounds: Each round will last no more than 1 week. If you can't handle 1 game a week, don't join ;) Really, you want to play quick fun games of Clone Wars, so just get it done. It'll be fun and no pressure.

Round 1 deadline: Sunday, December 13th.

End date: Hoping to get the Swiss rounds out of the way before the Holidays, and then go immediately into elimination rounds.

Prizes: Winning the Clone Wars should be enough.


There are the ones I've noted down. Lemme know if I've missed any:





You will of course have to submit a list by the deadline, otherwise you're OUT!


These aren't rules as much as guidelines. If you and you opponent want a more relaxed measuring regime, just agree to it beforehand.


Tourney regs are in effect, so only a SINGLE TOOL on the table at any given time.

Exceptions can be made when it obviously gives no benefit to either player, and it would speed up play.


When a squadron activates, signal activation by toggling the activation slider immediately. Do NOT wait until the squad is done activation. You cannot UNACTIVATE a squadron. No such thing in Armada. Once you've made a decision to activate, you stick with that choice, same as when you flip up a command dial to activate a ship. NO TAKE-BACKSIES!!!

When moving squadrons, players MAY NOT utilize a SECOND range/distance overlay as this violates the two-tool rule. Vassal is already so precise that squad placement is a lot more favorable than IRL, so don't push it. If you really must place your squad at THE VERY EDGE of distance 1, then it turns out you missed it? Tough luck. Same as on the table. Maybe you should have allowed for a margin of error?

When a squadron is placed, the final position CANNOT be adjusted. A squadron has NOT been finally placed until the owning player releases the mouse button and declares he's done (report: SET or similar confirmation). This allows some nudging to get the squadron into its final position but this should be done quickly and with intention.

The ABSOLUTELY BEST WAY to use squadrons is to:

  • Signal activation by, you know, activating a squadron
  • Turn on the distance overlay
  • Copy the squadron (remove the now duplicated distance overlay)
  • Move the copied squadron to its final position
  • Drop it
  • Delete the original
  • Signal "set"


Slow play is hard to adjudicate on Vassal since we don't use a timer, but 3 hours should be MORE THAN SUFFICIENT to complete a match. Maybe add 30 mins if using text-chat only. If matches take longer than this, one or both players are guilty of slow play.

Come prepared to the match. Have you fleet ready as a vlog, with names (this includes command stacks) and flagship markers and whatnot.

The most typical (Vassal) mode of slow play is over-measuring. This is when a player takes several minutes to fiddle with the maneuver tool, even for inconsequential moves. Often he will also clear the maneuver tool and remeasure distance/range, before resuming fiddling with the man tool. If both players do this on a regular basis, games take forever.

Other examples include taking a long time to decide during setup, setting new commands slowly, having trouble selecting which ship to activate, constantly fiddling with squadrons' final positions (illegal), etc.

If you feel your opponent is taking too long CALL HIM OUT IN A POLITE, YET CONCISE MANNER. Just be sure you're not guilty of the same. My point isn't that player should rush; my point is that reasonably fast play is more fun for all. If both players go into the match having speedy play as a goal, this should not be a problem.


Scoring: Standard scoring from the tourney regs (Swiss rounds for pods, then elims). 

Conceding: If a player concedes, his opponent scores a win (8 tournament points and 140 MoV during Swiss). If, however, the winner would score MORE as calculated from the end state, he scores that number of tournament points and MoV instead. This rule WILL be enforced; no auto 10-1 wins for a player whose opponent has conceded. Conceding without good cause is just lame; so don't.

No show: If a player fails to log on for a scheduled match his opponent receives the the win (8 tournament points and 140 MoV).

Failure to schedule: If players are unable to schedule a game they both receive a loss (0 tournament points and 0 MoV). If it's clearly the fault of one of the players it counts as a no show for that player instead.

Extensions: If you cannot complete a game within the period allotted to a round, contact the TO. He'll tell you that sorry, the show must go on, and you have to concede. But this is MUCH BETTER than just ghosting your fellow players!

Saving and resuming: Ideally, tourney games should be done in one sitting. If a match cannot be completed in one sitting, it's OK to save and resume at a later date IF BOTH PLAYERS AGREE. If they can't agree, one player must concede. It is therefore a good idea to establish for how long both parties can play before starting the match. This rule also applies if one player suddenly has a RL interruption and must leave.



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I am trying to get back into checking these forums, but i am much more reachable through the discord. An @ ping there should reach me very quickly. 

Just a note if anyone is trying to get ahold of me for matches or event coordination. My discord username is the same as it is here.

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2 minutes ago, Irishmadcat said:

You have my axe you. Whoops wrong movie. I am ready to clone long and prosper. Hmmm no that's not quite right. Lets dance with Grievous in the pale naboo light. Either way I am in. Thanks to everyone who out in the hard work to get us the module.

Axe is ok. But you have to play republic to take him 🙃

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6 hours ago, Green Knight said:

Time for a Vassal tournament to celebrate a more civilized age for Armada!

Sign up in this thread for a 3-round pod with a cut (we'll see how many pods and how big the cut depending on how many players sign up).

This is a REPUBLIC and SEPARATIST only tourney. No Rebels or Imps allowed.

Why join this slugfest of Clones, Jedi, Droids, and Sith?

1. The Clone War has begun... almost. We're ONE article (Hardcell) short, but I'm hoping for Monday. If not, very soon thereafter.

2. And the new 1.5 rules have been leaked (the German version), so we know what changes are coming there. The only thing missing is errata/points changes to upgrades, but that too is right around the corner.

3. Armada module version 4.0.0 is just waiting to burst onto the scene. This will be the first tourney using this major upgrade.

4. The pandemic is still a thing, so maybe you're not getting loads of IRL action? I'm not.

5. The Vassal Would Cup is still a way off.

6. It'll be fun!

Alright, maybe-

6 hours ago, Green Knight said:

7. Ahsoka will be sad if you don't.

Oh, now that's a low blow.

I'm interested, but would need a date before being able to commit.

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