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2 hours ago, Silver_leader said:

Trump has been building this since the primaries.

Trump has been building hate and aggression since day 1.  "We're gonna build a wall and make Mexico pay for it" is just hatemongering as a slogan.

I was just doing my best to keep it obvious for the RedHats.

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6 hours ago, Pooleman said:

My “fact” is true. The mob stormed the capitol before Trump was finished speaking. I’ll even provide a left wing source for you. 


To point out the nuances in the attached timeline:

1. people at the capital had access to Trump's speech live via cell phone, they didn’t need to be present.
2. People left before Trump was done already fired up to march on the capital. 
3. Not all people who listened went to create trouble, not all trouble makers listen to his speech.

4. Trump was quite delayed in his response regarding the riots that he was next door to. He would have been aware people were rioting in his name immediately through his security, if not the news online.

He is very good at firing up this demographic of people. His wording may not be polished, but his choice of words leads people to what he wants them to do.

As far as “left” media, Trump and many other politicians, have discredited media sources so that there is the lack in understanding what is actually a news source, which are spin machines, and why that even matters any more. Admittedly media themselves have their own part in sensationalizing in order to sell headlines, so even here there is plenty of blame to point out. If I’m trying to get the facts I’m checking multiple sources to fish out details. One source may leave out crucial details to fit their narrative or even spin events differently.

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