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Q4 Qualifier Reporting Thread

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Irishmadcat V @GiledPallaeon 

Irishmadcat wins 196  to 25

Vader demonstrated the power of the new Superweapon by deploying it in multiples. Tarkin had thought to show these strange new ships were no match for the power of an isd however the Incomparable only claimed a lone transport for the loss of Audacious and cede complete control of the objective station. The Incomparable slunk away with fires on all decks as the lord of the Sith demonstrated what he thought of Tarkins navy.

I won 8-3 and got the no squadron bounty but failed to claim the isd bounty.   

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Agathe MC80 CC LMSU Vs Romodi Onager LMSU

Mrks Vs Jamesmorgan(WIN)



-    It is astounding from what range an Onager Testbed with Engine Techs can put itself in front of a MC80 Command Cruiser
-    A Raider I can one-shot a Pelta

Rieekan MSU Vs Romodi Onager LMSU

Mrks (WIN) Vs Jamesmorgan



-    Rieekan MSU can still be strong (even against Onager)


Edited by Mrks.

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On 10/7/2020 at 10:10 AM, BiggsIRL said:

As always, the World Cup and World Cup Qualifiers is brought to you by Steel Strategy.  Steel Strategy, we're podcasts (sometimes) and blogs (well we used to be) and streaming (when we're not too busy), and an active discord community (with stupid gimmicks).  Hop into our discord server to find a place to find qualifier opponents.


Qualification Standings:

@Irishmadcat - 8 + 5(bounty) + 4 = 17

@Roquax - 10 + 10 = 20

@ExplosiveTooka - 1 = 1

@Truthiness - 7 + 10 (bounty) + 8 = 23 Qualified!

@Lem213 - 1 +1 = 2

@comatose - 3 = 3

@Alzer - 8 = 8

@Bertie Wooster - 7 = 7

cahoonm(?) - 4 = 4

@itzSteve - 10 = 10


Current qualifier point totals.

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