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Arkham Companion - Request for Developer Help

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https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.fenyx4.arkham is feelings its age and Google has sent warnings that it may be removed from the store if it isn't updated to a newer version of the Android SDK.
But I can't just bump up the SDK version as they have removed a lot of the UI elements that were used in the app. Aaaaand I haven't done Android development in, like, 9 years. And Android UI is not a skill I want to pick up again. (Especially since I heavily skinned the UI to give it that Arkham feel so it wouldn't be just learning some basics.)

If anyone out there is an Android UI developer and would like to help out the code is open source https://github.com/Fenyx4/arkham-companion.

If someone starts pitching in on the UI I would be willing to pitch in on updating the backend and of course I can do the signing and release of the app.

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