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Another Basic Evade Question

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I'm here to make you guys feels good about your bad selves by helping a hapless newbie. Here's another hopefully basic Evade question. Let's tee it up!

To illustrate by example, let's say Roland and Wendy are at same location with an enemy. During Investigation Phase, Roland spends his three actions, then Wendy exhausts the enemy on her last action. Wendy removes the enemy from her threat area and places it on the location card.

Next comes the Enemy Phase. Assuming the exhausted enemy is the only one in play, nothing happens and we move to the Upkeep Phase.

During the Upkeep Phase, the enemy changes its state from exhausted to ready. Since it's at same location as our investigators, it immediately engages.

If the enemy has a Prey instruction, it's simple to determine who it attacks. But what if the enemy doesn't have a Prey instruction?

  • Does the Lead Investigator decide who it attacks?
  • Does it attack the same Investigator who just exhausted it?
  • Or should I randomly determine who it attacks?

I kind of favor the third option, which can be handily resolved by the roll of a d20. But is there an actual Rule Reference for how to cover this situation?

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Like a schoolboy desperate to be called on by teacher, I'll volunteer first:

It engages, but doesn't immediately attack, whoever the lead investigator chooses. Obviously the group can discuss who it would be best to engage, but the decision is ultimately the lead investigator's. If the lead investigator decides to roll a d20 that's fine, but when the game allows you to mitigate disaster, it's a good idea to do so.

The rules under the "Enemy Engagement" section of the rulebook don't specifically say what to do other than engage an investigator at the enemy's location, meaning it's up to you.

Hope that helps!

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The specific rule is given in the Learn to Play booklet (sidebar page 13):

Any time a ready non-engaged enemy is at the same location as an investigator, it engages that investigator and is placed in that investigator’s threat area. If multiple investigators are at the same location as a ready enemy, the lead investigator chooses which of those investigators the enemy engages. Some enemies also have a “Prey –” instruction ...

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18 minutes ago, CrimeLord Owl said:

I don't think the enemy gets removed from your threat area when you evade, it just exhausts.  

It does, as specified by the second bullet point under Evade, Evade Action:

  • “Any time an enemy is evaded (whether by an evade action, or by card ability), the enemy is exhausted (if it was ready) and the engagement is broken. Move the enemy from the investigator's threat area to the investigator's location to mark that it is no longer engaged with that investigator.”

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