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Factionless: Looking for a new one.

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1 hour ago, KCDodger said:

Oh man, as if. I've been an avid fan of the Y-Wing for most of my life. But the N1 is cool. Mine's silver. :D


I keep meaning to make mine shiny and chrome with a molotow pen, but my test Z-95 wasn't as clean as I hoped and now I'm worried I'll ruin it

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You know, everyone has been giving good advice about how the Republic is exactly what you want, with Y-Wings, chunky brawlers, multiple viable lists, etc.

But I'm gonna go out on a limb here and suggest *checks notes on hand* Republic!

... right. As you were, then.

But, jokes aside, yes, Republic is tons of fun. There are tons of ways to play it, but you've got so many brawlers, with even the filler ship (the Torrent) being tankier than most.

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You HAVE to go with either the Republic or the Separatists, they are the new kids on the block in wave 2.0 and they are getting (al)most (all) of the new toys and mechanisms this time around: Purple maneuvers, Purple actions, Probe droids, Sideslips etc. 

The old factions Rebels, Scum, Empire got their new life in the Conversion Kits and then nothing really comes there after, and sure once in a while a new ships arrives (Landos Falcon, Mining Guild Tie, and now the TIE Brute) but this is rare. The situation is somewhat similar for the FO and Resistance with a little more activity, but if you want to be where its is at, then you need to consider either the Republic or the Separatists. Unless you really hate the Prequels, but you did not state that anywhere.

So, which of these two should you choose? 

Pro Republic: They are actually very similar to Rebels (you might like them), but with clear elements from the Empire, as the clones tend to favor mass-generics. No large-base turrets, so no falcons. But the real kicker are the Jedi's - interestingly almost all their good crew are jedis, which means there are a lot of force-tokens to go around and a lot of choices as in order to use your crews ability, well it is tied to the use of that all-important force-charge. They have some of the best aces, where instead of stress, you just spend your force to reposition, neat your dial is now wide open. These force-tied mechanisms are very novel in 2.0 and with Republic will experience it in its clearest form. 

Pro Separatist: In many ways there are all about large-scale army formation flying, the way the empire should have been, because these droids are so good at it. Several ship types are capped at initiative 3 and have abilities that REALLY reward formation flying e.g. some can share their tokens to other ships at range 1. And at the same time, they have so many dirty and scummy tricks, that they are the envy of all Scum and Villainy players. You shoot one of my ships?!? oh well "then you get a token, and you get a token, and YOU get a token, EVERYBODY gets a token". Their faction talent "Treacherous" is all about deception even your own players so save your self, ihmo more bounty hunter like than "Fearless", but perhaps that is just me.  They also play very differently with blue straights and turns and don’t like to bank (some times red), unlike most other factions.

Good luck and welcome back to the game!

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I think repub is what you're looking for : here's a potential list

New Squadron

(36) "Broadside" [BTL-B Y-wing]
(5) Ion Cannon Turret
Points: 41

(43) "Matchstick" [BTL-B Y-wing]
(2) Dorsal Turret
Points: 45

(50) "Wolffe" [ARC-170 Starfighter]
Points: 50

(46) Mace Windu [Delta-7 Aethersprite]
(18) Delta-7B
Points: 64

Total points: 200

In it you have the best control y-wing, broadside, a damage dealing y-wing, matchstick, self modding tank wolffe and hard hitting, delta 75 (so thicc) mace windu for extra joust power or end game acery.

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3 hours ago, underling said:

That's why we keep them parked on blocks on the side of the hangar with the tarp over them. The engines are out of about half of them... ;)

Only because we're trying to figure out a way to rig J-77s into the nacelles instead. :D 

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