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New Angeles Tour Guide

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Whether new to the city or a life-long resident, the New Angeles Tour Guide has something for everyone! This supplement is for GMs and PCs alike to more easily navigate the megacity of New Angeles. Each page covers one district or location detailing a medley of information:

  • Short description of what makes the district unique

  • Points of interest such as civil landmarks, residential neighborhoods, or commercial and industrial parks

  • Item rarity Modifiers are new rules that change the inherent rarity value of an item depending on the district in which it is found or bought

  • Factions of interest tell players who the players might run into beyond the local residents

  • Cost of living charts show what it costs to live at a certain social tier for a given period of time


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Will echo that its a great guide for GMs and players looking for easy to reference background material for the city. Also if your players suddenly decide to enter a whole New district you did not plan for this book got you cowered. Very well done 

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