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New Foundry Release - "The Unrelenting Uthuk" now on DTRPG

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The Unrelenting Uthuk is a supplement for bringing the Uthuk Y’llan to life in your campaign. Learn more about these demonic raiders of the Ru Steppes from the heroine Tatianna. Or…flip the script and play as Uthuk characters! Learn about or become a fearless Berserker, a ferocious Blood Harvester, a Viper Legion Archer, or fly through the air as a Doomglider! Delve deep into the demonic magics of the Bloodsisters or become a Bonewitch manipulating the biology of others.

Join or learn about the Gore Claws, the Flayed Kindred, or Night Howlers tribes. Discover more about the Aenlong, the Ynfernael and the rituals of the Uthuk to bring forth demonic monstrosities to the battlefield!

2 new Uthuk Archetypes

6 new Uthuk Careers

Demon summoning mechanics

Demon abilities, weaknesses and variations

New Uthuk equipment

4 named and fleshed-out Uthuk NPC nemeses

10 new Uthuk Adversaries

Just $2.50!


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