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The Mi-Go 13

Day and night cards

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Hey gang,

A quick question on day and night event cards. Am I to understand that, even though they're event cards, that they remain in play to indicate that it's now day or night? So, I play the card, resolve its immediate effect, and then leave the card in play to indicate that it's now night?
























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Not the event ones, no...


-- Agency --
Blessed Dawn
Type : Event
Cost : X
Subtype :  Day.
Game Text: Action: destroy all Night cards in play. Each character you control gets +X skill until the end of the phase.
Collector's Info: EE R15

The wordt "Day" is just a subtype, like, "Deep One" or "Mi-Go" - It has nothing to do with it being day or night, on a rules level. This one just happens to have the "Day" subtype, and destroys all cards that have the "Night" subtype.

-- Neutral --
Shadows Melt Away
Type : Support
Cost : 0
Subtype :  Day.
Game Text: Forced Response: after you play this card, destroy all Night cards in play. It is Day.
Collector's Info: AE C234

The part that reads "It is Day" makes it Day. Not the day subtype.

So while:

-- Miskatonic University --
M.U. Science Building
Type : Support
Cost : 2
Subtype :  Location.
Game Text: Action: pay 2 to choose a character or support card. Until the end of the phase, that card gains a Subtype of your choice.
Collector's Info: AE U58

...can give the Day or Night subtype to a character or support card, it doesn't change it to night or day. Giving a character or support card the Day or Night subtype however, makes it vulnerable to the "destroy all Night/Day cards in play" effects that accompanies a lot of Day and Night cards.

It's a bit complicated, but once you understand what a subtype is, it becomes a little clearer: It's just a marker that allows certain effects to mention a subset of cards. If there are any doubts, don't hesitate to ask ;) Sometimes cards don't do what you expect, so, reading the card line by line usually is the answer even when it's weird in some cases. And if that fails... Happy to help!



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