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Why is everything “Not Available”?

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36 minutes ago, drail14me said:

Just looked at the FFG Products page for Legion, Armada and X-Wing and everything is listed as “Not Available”. What’s up?

Asmodee is updating their online store.  It's currently down for maintenance. Hopefully it will be back up soon. The FFG products page is directly linked to Asmodees online store.

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16 minutes ago, Mad Maximus said:

Wasn't there recently news about an entire shipment of product damaged, that was going to push back new releases, in terms of months? Perhaps this is related?

No, it was because the Asmodee online store database wasn't available for the FFG website to check for inventory. 

Every single item on the FFG site was unavailable, and now that the Asmodee store site is back up most are available again.

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