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Post-update FO. What are people flying now?

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2 hours ago, RStan said:

Holo has quickly became one of my favorite pilots in the game. Ran in either a 5 ship where the other 4 are a bit higher quality or run a 6 ship where it's generic efficiency. Holo should ALWAYS have Proud Tradition. 

Side note, I think Scorch is terrible. Time on target is really bad and I get way more mileage from Longshot with Proud Tradition for the same price.

Scorch is absolutely horrible and overpriced by 3-5 pts...but if you have a 33 pt hole and need something that hits hard FO doesn’t exactly have many other options to fill his spot at the moment.

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I've been running this in hyperspace:

Holo w/ PT

Lehuse w/ SF Gunner & Markmanship

Omega Squadron Expert w/ Passive Sensors and Ion Missiles

Lt. Rivas

Epsilon Squadron Cadet


Holo, Lehuse, & Rivas are taking fully modded shots most turns. Holo moves last, TL & focuses a target, Rivas gets a TL on the same target, Lehuse uses Rivas' target lock, Passive Sensor SF gets its lock, Rivas reacquires his lock for his attack. Lots of fun, but lots of triggers to remember. Been fairly successful but can't really test it in a tournament setting yet.  Comes in at 194 so you normally have a little room to add things or have a decent bid. 

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