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Tie b/a and obstacles

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Just want to make sure I’ve been playing fine tuned thrusters right when it comes to obstacles. 

fine tuned thrusters: after you fully execute a maneuver, if you are not depleted or strained you may gain one strain or deplete token to perform a lock or barrel roll.

Asteroid: Roll for rock damage, then perform fine tune thruster action, then skip normal perform action step.

Debris: No fine tuned thrusters because you receive stress during check difficult step. (Then if you are Holo with proud tradition, take a focus, ditch your stress and laugh maniacally.)

Gas cloud: Roll for strain first (since it is game effect and it comes before player ability). Then if you did not get strained, you may perform fine tuned thrusters action, then skip normal perform action step.


Do I have that all correct?


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