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Did a repaint of one of the standard Hammerheads to match the red version from Rebels:




The problem I've always had with this model is that it isn't the version from Rogue One - which has to be the more famous version.  In any case, @melminiatures to the rescue!




All My Hammerheads!  (a new soap opera, set in the Star Wars universe, coming soon to Disney+.  LOL)





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For the new models, I used a white spray primer first, then did a light grey base coat (Army Painter, Spaceship Exterior), watered down a little to keep it smooth.  Then added all the colors (other than engine glow).  After that, I did a wash (Army Painter, Dark Tone), giving it a thorough bath, letting it dry for a couple minutes, then using a dry brush to pull off too much excess, letting it dry again for a couple of minutes, then went over it with another wet brush to to clean it off a little where it was "too dirty."   I was very pleased to get all that line detail just with the wash once fully dried.  The models from Mel's had a lot of really nice detail to pull out.

I found that that combination (Spaceship Exterior plus Dark Tone wash) got a base very close to the "standard" model base color.

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@melminiatures Hammerhead might be my second favorite of all my Mel's ships and I have quite a few.  My AFM1 V6 is probably my favorite.  The ISD 1 refit is also great although quite different as it is just a part of a ship.  If I can make my hammerhead list more viable I will definitely get more of Mel's Hammerheads.

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