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Home One & Quad Turbolaser Cannons Interaction

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So I'm considering a silly build but im curious how this works. 

Home One allows you to turn a single red die into an accuracy die. Quad Turbolaser Cannons says that if you have a red accuracy you add a second red accuracy. 

So in this case would say a frigate firing from its front arc roll its 3 dice and say it rolled a double hit, crit, and blank. Could you then change that blank to an accuracy and then add a second accuracy?

Also this is probably somewhere but would the Home One ability work on Home One ornonly other ships that are 1-5 away.

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Posted (edited)

Your upgrade combo would work as described as long as you are modifying the die of another ship (not Home One itself). You can even modify the dice further afterwards (for example re-roll one of the accuracies with a concfire token if you don't need both accuracies).





Home One can not affect its own dice rolls, only friendly ships. The key word in the text is "While another friendly ship." Another means the effect cannot be used on the ship the upgrade is equipped to.


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