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So, I started doing this for Marvel Champions, and I thought this would be useful for L5C, too. I'll be updating as new info comes. Please, let me know if any of this info is incomplete or in error.

This is the list of SKUs as known to us at this time:

  • L5C01 - Legend of the Five Rings Core Set
  • L5C02 - Tears of Amaterasu Dynasty Pack (Imperial Cycle/1)
  • L5C03 - For Honor and Glory Dynasty Pack (Imperial Cycle/2)
  • L5C04 - Into the Forbidden City Dynasty Pack (Imperial Cycle/3)
  • L5C05 - The Chrysanthemum Throne Dynasty Pack (Imperial Cycle/4)
  • L5C06 - Fate Has No Secrets Dynasty Pack (Imperial Cycle/5)
  • L5C07 - Meditations on the Ephemeral Dynasty Pack (Imperial Cycle/6)
  • L5C08 - Disciples of the Void - Phoenix Clan Pack
  • L5C09 - Breath of the Kami Dynasty Pack (Elemental Cycle/1)
  • L5C10 - Tainted Lands Dynasty Pack (Elemental Cycle/2)
  • L5C11 - The Fires Within Dynasty Pack (Elemental Cycle/3)
  • L5C12 - The Ebb and Flow Dynasty Pack (Elemental Cycle/4)
  • L5C13 - All and Nothing Dynasty Pack (Elemental Cycle/5)
  • L5C14 - Elements Unbound Dynasty Pack (Elemental Cycle/6)
  • L5C15 - Underhand of the Emperor - Scorpion Clan Pack
  • L5C16 - Children of the Empire Expansion
  • L5C17 - Warriors of the Wind - Unicorn Clan Pack
  • L5C18 - Masters of the Court - Crane Clan Pack
  • L5C19 - For the Empire Dynasty Pack (Inheritance Cycle/1)
  • L5C20 - Bonds of Blood Dynasty Pack (Inheritance Cycle/2)
  • L5C21 - Justice for Satsume Dynasty Pack (Inheritance Cycle/3)
  • L5C22 - The Children of Heaven Dynasty Pack (Inheritance Cycle/4)
  • L5C23 - A Champion's Foresight Dynasty Pack (Inheritance Cycle/5)
  • L5C24 - Shoju's Duty Dynasty Pack (Inheritance Cycle/6)
  • L5C25 - Seekers of Wisdom - Dragon Clan Pack
  • L5C26 - Defenders of Rokugan - Crab Clan Pack
  • L5C27 - The Emperor's Legion - Lion Clan Pack
  • L5C28 - Clan War Expansion
  • L5C29 - Rokugan at War Dynasty Pack (Dominion Cycle/1)
  • L5C30 - Spreading Shadows Dynasty Pack (Dominion Cycle/2)
  • L5C31 - In Pursuit of Truth Dynasty Pack (Dominion Cycle/3)
  • L5C32 - Campaign of Conquest Dynasty Pack (Dominion Cycle/4) ***released 2020/08
  • L5C33 - As Honor Demands Dynasty Pack (Dominion Cycle/5)
  • L5C34 - Atonement Dynasty Pack (Dominion Cycle/6)
  • L5C36 - Twisted Loyalties Dynasty Pack (Temptation Cycle/1) ***2020/11
  • L5C37 - Honor in Flames Dynasty Pack (Temptation Cycle/2) ***2020/12
  • L5C38 - A Crimson Offering Dynasty Pack (Temptation Cycle/3) ***2021/01
  • L5C39 - The Temptation of the Scorpion Dynasty Pack (Temptation Cycle/4) ***2021/02
  • L5C40 - Coils of Power Dynasty Pack (Temptation Cycle/5) ***2021/03
  • L5C41 - Peace at Any Cost Dynasty Pack (Temptation Cycle/6) ***2021/04

Note: L5RC35 has to be an one-off product, either an "expansion" (like Childen of the Empire and Clan War) or something completely new.

World Champion Decks:

  • uCHP11 - Winter Court 2018 World Championship Deck

Note: With no 2019 deck, and the current problems in 2020, it seems doubtful if this 'series' will continue.


  • FFS79 - Honored Duel Two-Player Playmat
  • L5S08 - Right Hand of the Emperor Playmat (Lion)
  • L5S09 - Defender of the Wall Playmat (Crab)
  • L5S10 - Master of Secrets Playmat (Scorpion)
  • L5S11 - Left Hand of the Emperor Playmat (Crane)
  • L5S12 - Master of the High House of Light Playmat (Dragon)
  • L5S13 - Mistress of the Five Winds Playmat (Unicorn)
  • L5S14 - The Soul of Shiba Playmat (Phoenix)
  • L5S15 - Dynasty Unlimited Art Sleeves ***not sure if these were ever released
  • L5S16 - Conflict Unlimited Art Sleeves ***not sure if these were ever released
  • L5S17 - Province Unlimited Art Sleeves ***not sure if these were ever released
  • L5S18 - L5R RPG Gamemat

Note: It has been speculated than L5S01 to L5S07 were Clan sleeves. Now with the announcement of the same by GameGenic, it probably means they won't ever show up, at least as FFG SKUs. Then L5S15 to L5S17 were solicited as "Unlimited Art Sleeves", but I don't think they were ever released. If that's the case, they probably won't show up or they will as GameGenic SKUs.

Also, for completeness' sake, the RPG:

  • L5R01 - Beginner's Game
  • L5R02 - Core Rulebook
  • L5R03 - Dice Pack
  • L5R04 - Emerald Empire
  • L5R05 - Game Master's Kit
  • L5R06 - Shadowlands (sourcebook; w/Crab & Falcon Clans)
  • L5R07 - Mask of the Oni (adventure)
  • L5R08 - Courts of Stone (sourvebook; w/Crane & Deer Clans)
  • L5R09 - Winter's Embrace (adventure)
  • L5R10 - Path of Waves (sourcebook; w/Ronin & Ivory Kingdoms)
  • L5R11 - Sins of Regret (adventure)
  • L5R12 - Celestial Realms (sourcebook; w/Phoenix & Centipede Clans) ***released 2020/08
  • L5R13 - Wheel of Judgment (adventure) ***released 2020/08
  • L5R14 - Fields of Victory (sourcebook, w/Lion & Badger Clans) ***not released yet
  • L5R15 - Blood of the Lioness (adventure) ***not released yet

Note: And this has been confirmed to be the end of the line by FFG... However, it seems Edge Studios is taking from here and a sourcebook touching the Dragon Clan will be next.


  • L5N01 - The Sword and the Spirits, by Robert Denton III (Phoenix)
  • L5N02 - Whispers of Shadow and Steel, by Mari Murdock (Scorpion)
  • L5N03 - Across the Burning Sands, by Daniel Lovat Clark (Unicorn)
  • L5N04 - The Eternal Knot, by Marie Brennan (Dragon)
  • L5N05 - Trail of Shadows, by D.G. Laderoute (Crab) ***not released yet

Note the same way GameGenic has taken the production of supplies of AEG, and Edge Studios does the same with the RPG lines, Aconyte has taken the production of fiction. Unlike the above novellas, which are produced in-house and continuity-tied, Aconyte production has been shopped to external authors (apparently takes for the Warhammer "stable") and they are designed to have minimal to no connection with current plots. I guess this means that if the remaining two Clans' novellas (Lion and Crane) are produced, it will be still under FFG.

Aconyte novels:

  • Curse of Honor, by David Annandale ***2020/10
  • Poison River, by Josh Reynolds ***2020/12


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To note, Aconyte has announced a 3rd novel which is written by experienced L5R writer, Marie Brennan. The Night Parade of A Hundred Demons, by Marie Brennan, was announced for a January 2021 release (although that was as of March and I'm uncertain if Aconyte has delayed release due to coronavirus). 


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