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Doji Kuwanan dueling Doji Hotaru

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If you go to the artist of Doji Kuwanan's card: https://l5r.fandom.com/wiki/Agri_Karuniawan you can see this artist has also done the art for Doji Hotaru's card. Luckily the wiki put the two art pieces next to each other and they appear to show Hotaru and Kuwanan dueling.

With this in mind, I would like to conclude that sometime around winter -which is fast-approaching in the current timeline-, Hotaru and Kuwanan will duel each other near Shizuka Toshi, inferred from the background of the two cards. Shizuka Toshi is a city surrounded by sakura or cherry blossoms according to the wiki.

That's my idea... thoughts?

*Edit: also notice the dead crane bodies scattered around Hotaru and Kuwanan's feet

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