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Simultaneous Card Pack Release of Generic Upgrade Cards With The Waves They Debut In

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4 hours ago, Ebak said:

I think if it was economical, FFG would be doing it already.

This is very naive. Buisnesses choose to not do things for lots of reasons outside of it is possible to do. Obviously there is a profit maximization motive we can point too (Even with minor changes to the reprint's sclupt's a lot of those up front costs are gone which would make them unusually profitable), but it isn't always just 'they are supper greedy' vs 'they literally can't afford to do so.' A lack of market research seems to be a problem with FFG across their entire game lines, as they are historically glacially slow at actually adressing core problems with their lines (L5R and Netrunner, for example, both allowed serious problems to exist that were fixable which resulted in L5R flaming out really bad which is impressive when you consider L5R is a game with a super intense legacy, and Netrunner suffered pretty badly until they finally created a rotation and ban list quite a bit late), so it may be that while they are aware of the issue on some level (After all, it is pretty serious for entire product lines to be canceled) they think it is a store issue and don't realize the playerbase they imagine would want these ships probably doesn't exist in numbers (Every single new player in my local area got a conversion kit and started collecting off amazon. It is 'worth it' once you get 3 ships at this point and its the only way to get most rebel content anyway) and that the lack of new content is a serious problem.

I think a big difference between me and say... @ClassicalMoser and @Hippie Moosen is I did not feel comfortable making a faction dip and they did, which is fine. Encouraging dipping is a good strategy for games, and there are healthy ways to do it. But faction loyalty is a huge part of collectable games, because if you can't identify with your collection they won't be successful.

Or, to put it another way: If X-wing literally can't survive without players buying plastic they do not want to get access to cards, like it has been implied, it is already dead and dying, because that isn't sustainable, because while some more serious players may be willing to do it, it runs very counter to what made X-wing successful as a very 'casual to collect, competitive to play game' (I have had families successfully buy me X-wing product as a gift which are relevant for me, which would not be realistic at all for many other games, which requires things to exist that a basic consumer can understand. Joe Rando won't know the nuance of why I might want say... a Resistances Aces pack to get 3 cards and either store the ships forever or toss them, but they will understand that I play rebels or empire and pick me up a K-wing and mail it to me across country. Literally one of the nicest gifts I got). I don't think anyone actually thinks that it literally couldn't, but that is the end implication of 'I think they just need to make money.' There are lots of ways to make money and it is fair to be critical of scenarios where profit maximization is bad for the end user. To paraphrase an earlier sentiment: Your userbase isn't a charity and this is, in fact, a transaction where I need to feel like I am getting value relevant to me.

And I get that I am not everyone: A new pack every wave that costs as much as a small ship but only contains all the new cards plus some for factions that didn't get anything that wave would be delightful for me, but may sit on the shelves because a lot of X-wing players in the local area think its a bad value. Or it may fly off like H&A because the important thing about H&A was new content and not actually value for cards. Who knows? Far as I know FFG doesn't do very much market research to find out.

34 minutes ago, ClassicalMoser said:

One ace pack and one card pack per year seems very reasonable for staying current in a game. IDK

Agreed. This is a super reasonable standard. The way I see it, each faction should be getting new product at least once every other wave. A H&A pack technically has cross faction purchases and it may be limiting compared to a 'faction renforcement' pack but its better than, again, literally nothing, and it would be relatively easy to skew the pack a bit towards factions not getting releases.

I would be completely satisfied if they just announced every faction will get at least one plastic release with new content and there would be a H&A pack focused on getting the new cards out without cross faction purchases plus content for ships that are stagnant every year. That is a completely normal and workable solution.

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