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Aahz's Rebel Painting

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Hi all - thought I'd share some painting stuff I've been doing (mostly) over the last few months.  Special shout out to @Drasnighta for the super helpful guides.  I really didn't start painting until about a year and half ago and those guides were awesome.  Thanks bud!



I really don't like the sculpt for the X-Wing.  Plus, they were the earliest things I painted.  So, at the beginning of the quarantine, I soaked all of mine in Simple Green for a week or so, then scrubbed them and started over.  I added some green stuff to make simple nosecones on the models.  I think they turned out better than my first ones in any case. Here's Luke:


And Wedge:



I liked Mel's version of the T-70 sculpt still better, though, so I ordered some of those to play with:





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So most of the B-Wings I did some time ago.  However, I recently was watching the Rebels show and saw the prototype paint job on the B-Wing, so I decided to go back and redo the paint job on the B-Wing Aces (which I just finished).

Ten Numb:


Keyan Farlander:


Dagger Squadron:


Lots of generics:


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Added photos and details

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Han was one of the first squadrons I painted (for those starting out, the irregular, larger squadrons are great to practice on before you jump into the smaller, regular squadrons (where you need to make 3 fighters look the same)):



I recently got the updated versions from @melminiatures, so here's Lando:



And because they are useful in RitR, here are some generics:




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