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Coordinate With Jake

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Hello everyone, so last night, in a casual battle, I was playing K2S0 and Jake in the same list, and we encountered a bit of an issue. so the list I was running was...

K-2SO (46)    
    Baze Malbus (3)    
    Jyn Erso (2)    
    Pivot Wing (0)    
Ship total: 51  Half Points: 26  Threshold: 4    
Cassian Andor (51)    
    Leia Organa (7)    
    Pivot Wing (0)    
Ship total: 58  Half Points: 29  Threshold: 4    
Jake Farrell (36)    
Ship total: 36  Half Points: 18  Threshold: 2    
Wedge Antilles (55)    
    Servomotor S-Foils (0)    
Ship total: 55  Half Points: 28  Threshold: 3    
Total: 200    
View in Yet Another Squad Builder 2.0: https://raithos.github.io/?f=Rebel Alliance&d=v8ZsZ200Z390XWW17W40WW140Y32XWW46WWW140Y50XWWY5XWWWW142&sn=Unnamed Squadron&obs=


So what ended up happening was that K2S0 red coordinated Jake, causing him to Barrel Roll. But what I wanted Jake to do was allow K2 to perform a focus action through his pilot ability. My reasoning is because as it states in the rule under the stress token heading "A ship receives one stress token while it executes a red maneuver or AFTER it performs a red action." This means that K2 does not receive his stress token until after the coordinate is complete. And under the coordinate section, it states that "When a ship performs the (coordinate) action, it coordinates. A coordinating ship is a ship that is attempting to coordinate by performing the following steps: 1. Measure range from the coordinating ship to any friendly ships. 2. Choose another friendly ship at range 1–2. 3. The chosen ship performs one action." So while Jake performs his 1 action, K2S0 is still technically coordinating, meaning that he doesn't get his stress until after Jake has Barrel Rolled, allowing time for K2S0 to perform a focus action. 

That is the conclusion me and the other player reached, are we correct in this?


Also, one side question. If this does work the way we think, can Baze make that focus action red even though he will be receiving a stress token from his coordinate? 

Thanks for your help everyone.

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As to Jake, I don't think it works.  Game Effects happen before Player Effects.  There aren't many places where that's actually relevant, but I think this is one of the few.  Kaytoo goes through the steps of the coordinate action and Jake performs the action.  Even if Kaytoo doesn't get the stress until after Jake completes his barrel roll, Jake's ability to grant a Focus Action is a Player Effect, but gaining stress from a red action--Coordinate in this case--is a Game Effect and should happen first.

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Posted (edited)

I'm going to say you are not correct in this.

Per the Action explanation: "As a cost to perform a red action a ship must gain 1 stress token." 

Per the Stress explanation: K2 will receive his stress token after he performs the red coordinate action. 

Per the Coordinate explanation: A ship is only coordinating while it is performing the three steps in the coordinate explanation. Given this, once another ship (Jake) performs an action, or the three steps have failed, K2 is not longer coordinating and takes his stress. As soon as Jake starts his barrel roll, K2 is done coordinating, whether Jake succeeds or not. Jake only triggers his ability after he does a barrel roll or boost. By the time Jake finishes his action, K2 is already stressed.

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This works the same with AP-5 coordinating a stressed Jake, AP-5 says the ship can perform actions (note the plural of action, but it never grants more than 1), but Jake's ability kicks in after the coordinate is completed, so he cannot give himself a focus action after boosting or BR. 

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