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Yeah true I forgot the rerolls 😁 I'll update it.
Otherwise, the first line is for Black dice results, the second one is for White dice results. But yeah, because of rerolls it needs a rework in that way.

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Posted (edited)
19 hours ago, Myrion said:

No offense, but this one makes it hard to figure out what to reroll, since there's no indication of what result comes from what type of die. This is relevant for both explosions and (dis) advantages.

I'd rather recommend https://webcthulhu.gitlab.io/l5r5-diceroller/ or https://l5r-dice-sim.now.sh/

Update done. :) I restarted it from scratch, it should be better now.

Thanks for your initial feedback, feel free if you have other suggestions!

Edited by Nucreum

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