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We need a bigger boat

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Greetings from Hong Kong.

I hop on this journey of insanity since the social distancing started early this year, but since we are heading to Innsmouth next, I realize that it would be a perfect chance to introduce vehicles to the game (though it is too late to have creative ideas for the latest cycle, maybe we can fight our dearest octopus face elder dragon on a ship, or at least escape him by one)

The brief idea is that a vehicle card is basically a moving location card on top of regular location cards, investigators who moves the ship will move everyone on board. Damage taken on board will also be dealt to the ship itself first. Investigators can spend resources and turns to patch up the boat, shoot harpoons or fish for clues. Jumping off the ship would be a fast action, but climbing back in will cost one.

The expansion box will come with a basic fisherman boat, and investigators will spend like 3-4 scenarios in total on the boat or partly on it, thus any mythos pack scenarios will also come with a slight variations of ship, such as a fast boat that can move twice a round, or a heavily fortified boat with more hit points etc. When the cycle is done, there will be multiple ships to pick from and, in other words, increase replayability.


Major concerns I can think of are mostly surrounding single players, but that may be handled by giving single players a specific ship crew allies, which grants free actions while investigators are on the ship.


That is just a creative thought that crossed my mind one day I was playing, and I would love to see if anyone can add more to this idea.

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I've played a couple of fan-made scenarios that had vehicles that worked that way.  One was a truck moving around a farm, one was a spaceship moving from planet to planet.  Both were effective and fun.

The key is that the vehicle needs some sort of ability.  Otherwise, it can just be implied that you're using one, like boats in a couple of the Dream Eaters scenarios.

From the mythos pack names for Innsmouth that have been leaked, I suspect at least one will involve some kind vehicle.

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