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Aembercrafting in other settings

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Did anyone use Aembercrafting in other settings? It is perfect for my Control setting (the video game) but, of course, there doesn't exist any Aember there. Did anyone find a substitute or any other solution (modify / tune down the Aember related abilities purhaps)?


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I use this in my Super Hero setting.

Aember is used for tech powers. Iron Man, Antman, Spiderman characters all use Aeffects while Dr. Strange, Human Torch, and Green Lantern use magic. To match the setting and remove the awful "AE", these have been renamed:
Aember = Source
Aeffects = Wonders

I just keep Aembercrafting as Mechanics.
Source represents whatever powers your character's Wonders. This could represent Iron Man's arc reactor charge, this could represent Spider-Man's web packs, it could be Ant-Man's Pym Particles.
Source is different from Aember in that it's unique to each character. One character can't pass off Source to another. Pym Particle's don't magically transform into Web packs. Mechanically, think about it as an MMO style bind on pickup.

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