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LVO 2021 Star Wars: Armada Grand Championship and Chance Cube Skirmish

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Hello everybody! Very excited to announce that Las Vegas Open 2021 held at Bally’s Casino over January 29th through the 31st, 2021, will be hosting a Star Wars: Armada Grand Championship!* (*Pandemic Permitting) 
Consider this the main topic regarding event information.
This topic will be updated with new information leading up to the event, so please feel free to ask questions.

Ian Cross and I will be co-organizing the event together.

You are capable of buying a ticket to the event right now, and there is currently no plans to cap the player count.

Here is the link to the event page

If you click on the Bolded "Player Pack, here" letters, it will link you to the official player packet with all relevant information about the event.

Another Armada event, called "Chance Cube Skirmish" will also be taking place during LVO on Sunday. That event page is currently under creation and I'll be sure to update when it's created, but here is what we'll say about it so far!

Chance Cube Skirmish is a custom structure event of three swiss rounds on Sunday, with each round lasting 75 minutes. Players will bring a custom 200 point fleet with the following fleet building restrictions.
A players fleet is only allowed 200 points with a maximum 1/3 (67 points) being Squadrons, and a maximum of only 4 "Unique" squadrons.

A players fleet will not contain any "Commander" upgrade cards, or objective cards.

No fleet may contain a Large or Huge base ship.

A fleet can have a maximum of only 1 Flotilla.

A fleet can have a maximum of only 1 Medium base ship.
Clone Wars product will be legal for play for this event.

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Saw this, I'll definitely have a ticket..  might be LVO to LVO between my armada games :P    Hopefully I won't be the only local this time!


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July 11th update
Ian and I are still working on getting everything we’ve submitted approved with our LVO Contact and one of the head head organizers, Pablo.

Be assured we are working hard to update this as quickly as possible. I expect to announce full details by no later than by the end of July. We will be sure to shout loud and clear across the Armada community here, on discord communities, and facebook when it is ready.
We are just as excited as all of you about Armada!

Players are required to bring a tournament-legal, 400-point fleet and all the components needed for their game. Each player must submit a fleet list detailing all ships, squadrons, upgrades, objectives, commander, and total fleet points to the Event Lead before the start of the tournament. Players must use that fleet for the duration of the tournament. Updated Star Wars™: Armada Rules Reference and Tournament Regulations can be found on the Star Wars™: Armada support page.

Day 1 will consist of 4 Swiss rounds. Each Swiss round will be 135 minutes long.

The top 16 players will advance to Day 2 for a new set of 3 Swiss rounds.
Plans are in the works for a community side event during Finals Day 2 and another community event for Sunday. More details to come about those!

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