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Innsmouth Conspiracy packs

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oh, nice !! where did you find those names ?? The first four of them were spoiled at some point by an error of Asmodee (along with the name of the supposed next stand-alone scenario : War of the Elder gods ) but the last ones are new to me ^^ 

About what these names can tease, I will say ''In too deep'' can be an exploration of the deep nature of Innsmouth, or more literaly this pack will permit us to delve into the ocean, perhaps by the dream way for visiting a deep-one city (that can work for pack 2 and 5 also ...). ''Devil-Reef'' need no more explanations as this is well-known place, ''Horror in high gear'' is perhaps a trip in a boat as the ''gear'' make me think about vehicules, when ''light in the fog'' is perhaps New Orleans villages and cultist visit, the fog being a commun thing in the marsh of these places.

''The lair of Dagon'' make clearer that he will be some sort of under-chief, like the masked man in Carcosa, so I can see a deep-one city,  the island from the novella with the monolyth, or even a polynesian village (we heard about one of them in the novella of Innsmouth, and the cult of Dagon come from them) ... Finally, even if I have no clue about the ''Maelstrom'' pack I can think of it as the R'lyeh scenario when he merge from the sea.

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