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Blue Dog

The Quiet City - A Genesys actual play podcast. Urban fantasy campaign set in Toronto, now with episode 4!

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Hi all, 

I completely forgot to post this here, but we've been putting out episodes of The Quiet City, a Genesys AP Podcast for a few months now and thought you all would enjoy it. The sessions are heavily edited for content in order to keep the pace going and I've scored each episode using dynamic song tracks.

It follows the travels of Mel, a half-demon/half-investigator (he half-investigates things), Grier, an ordinary trucker thrust into a secret underworld, and Lulu, an ancient witch stuck in her 9 year old body after a youth spell goes awry. The game is set in modern day Toronto (with a few twists), using the  Something Strange horror setting book for creatures, careers, talents and more.

The Quiet City

We just released episode 4 and I've also uploaded our Session Zero episodes. We're releasing new episodes every two weeks and so far people seem to like it!

It should be on all major podcast platforms, iTunes/Spotify, etc.

RSS feed: http://quietcity.libsyn.com/rss

iTunes // Podbean // Spotify // Google Play // Stitcher

Quiet City Logo + Art - lefthand side.jpg

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Excellent show can really recommend this to anyone who likes actual play podcast its very well edited as well. 
Show also does a great job and teaching new players at the table so really good for anyone both new and old to Genesys. 

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