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Czar of the South - In Character

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Posted (edited)

From Supreme Commander, House Denn Grylls, to all Soldiers, Sailors, and Citizens of the aforementioned house.

Comrades! Friends!

You have served valiantly against innumerable foes! Your gallantry and sacrifice for our cause will stand as a testimony to courage and an example for generations as yet unborn.

Despite these efforts, we are defeated. The enemy have occupied our lands, and now tread on the soil of our ancestors.

There is no profit in continuing to resist. We can no longer oppose the enemy in the field, and continued warfare will unfairly and cruelly result in the unnecessary death of innocents and useless destruction of property.

I will this day at 12 noon present myself under flag of truce to the armed forces of the occupying power, give over my sword, and offer an unconditional surrender. 

It has been my extraordinary pleasure to serve as your Supreme Commander. Any successes we have had rest entirely on your resolve. All failures are entirely my sole responsibility.

Let us have peace.

Yours, etc. etc.

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Posted (edited)

Hey, look, a throne! I wonder how much these go for nowadays. . . 


Anyway with our acquisition of the Czarship, our lawyers are telling us that we must shed our previous titles, as Czar's can't diversify (a detriment to be sure). . . so there are two Noble Houses going on sale - one is in pretty good condition, one is slightly used. Any takers?

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