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icebreaker or piece of ice

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I'm sorry, maybe I'm missing something, what the heck does this mean?

I originally assumed "ice" was the way you would block someone from hacking your system, and therefore the "icebreaker" was your skill at hacking, but the way i see them written its like they are physical things.

Example, I have an ice rating of 3, so to hack my system you have a difficulty of 3, but you have icebreaker 1, so its now difficulty 2.

Help please?


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ICE and Icebreakers are just pieces of software. They are more like equipment for computers than skills. ICE has a rating that must be met or overcome by a hacker. The hackers roll 2 difficulty (purple) with their computer (hacking) skill. They must generate enough success to meet or exceed the ICE rating. E.g. an Ice Wall has a rating of 5. So the hacker would need to roll at least 5 success to overcome it.


Icebreakers are like weapons for hackers. They add their rating as success to overcoming ICE. In the example above if the hacker had a Battering Ram icebreaker then they would only need 1 success to get through the Ice Wall. If the ICE was Hadrian Wall (Rating 8 ) then the hacker with Battering Ram would need to generate at least 2 success to overcome it.


Like any given skill check you still need to generate at least 1 success to succeed at the check.

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