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How competitive is X wing?

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On 6/17/2020 at 5:47 PM, Lillumultipass said:
Hi everyone, 
I have been looking at (and trying) different miniature games over the past few months (even though the lockdown did cut down on experimentation), primarily playing a bit of Malifaux, Infinity and Marvel crisis protocol. I think I will stick with MCP (because of the theme, which I like) but I am not sure about the others. 
Meanwhile, I have heard about Xwing’s solo mode, which intrigued me and had me look at the game. I love Star Wars but I am not a huge fan either (meaning that the theme is a plus but not a huge plus) and I don’t particularly find the models attractive. 
So in general, I am  looking for a game with good variety in abilities, varied factions with a lot of possibilities for customization of one's army, i.e., different playstyle within the same faction, and depth of gameplay
Hence, I have some questions:
  • How competitive is X wing then ? Meaning, are there tough decisions to be made during the game, so that skill  trumps luck ? Compared to other games you play (if you do), how would you rank X wing in terms of skill-to-luck ratio ? 
  • How is list building ? Is it varied ? Does it foster creativity ? 
  • Is there a varied meta ?
  • What are the best places for strategy content (batrep or written content) ? 
Thanks for your help ! 

Don't listen to anyone on this forum.

All miniatures games are competitive. X-Wing is no exception, and the people on this forum? Yep, they come across as real nice, but trust me, they'll swap the sugar in your coffee for salt if they think that it'll buff their T-65.

Creativity only lasts so long. As soon as you start playing competitively it'll go out the window and you'll hit net list after net list. Same as any other miniatures game :( or card game (I'm looking at you MTG).

Nope. Meta is meta.

List of useful links on the first page.

On 6/17/2020 at 6:52 PM, pheaver said:

I haven't played a lot of other mini games, but I have been playing X-Wing since 2013.

As for your questions:

1. I think a good sign that skill trumps luck is that a lot of the same high level players make cuts and win large events.  In X-Wing, this occurs often.  Not just with me, but a lot of other players have also won/placed at multiple premiere-level events.  There's definitely a luck aspect, but it doesn't, IMO, dominate the game.  There are tough decisions to be made: from setting up terrain on the board to your advantage all the way through guessing what your opponent's moves are going to be.

2. If you search for YASB (Yet Another Squad Builder), you'll find the X-Wing squad builder tool that most people use.  You can play around with that to see how list-building in X-Wing works.  There are 7 factions, each with their own themes.  There's some crossover in themes: you can play a swarm of a bunch of small units in different factions, for example, but they'll have different options to move and actions to take.  There's a ton of different ship chassis, with different pilot abilities, and upgrade cards to attach to them.

3. In most of the big events before the pandemic, faction representation was pretty varied.  In general, I'd expect in a six round event to not face the same exact list twice.  I'd face the same theme (like in two games I'd face two 3-ace lists, but the aces are different and require different tactics to fight), but rarely the exact same list.  I'd expect to see most of the major list broad-stroke archetypes (swarm of 7-8 small units, 3 elite units, something in-between with 5 or so middle-strength units) in any given cut.

4. My suggestion is watch streamed games from tournaments if you want to see competitive play.  Gold Squadron Podcast has high quality game streams that are pretty accessible.  If you look for our current world champion, Oli Pocknell, he's been doing YouTube "Top Gun" strategy streams, which might also be something you find interesting.  Written content is something we don't have a ton of: there are some blogs, but the best content is usually in video form.

Hope this helps!


Listen to this dude.

He's not a bad player....


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