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LEGION: Clones squads/heavy squads

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why did FFG have to make clones come in squad of 4? Canologically a squad is 9 so they'res no way to make a full squad without wasting a heavy slot, or buying an addtional unit to get the heacy weapon, if it was 3, it'd have been, 2 squads, 2 heavies, +1 personel =  2x3+2x1 +1 = 9

Also i'd be nice to have heavy units with more thna one heavy slot

Also dc-15As were issed to enirec copanies of troopers, it's hardly a heavy weapon, although the DC-15LE is, in AotC almost every trooper in white has the long rifle, in RotS all the outer edge clones marching up the steps of the temple have, DC-15As meaning a rate of 2 in 6.

i dont get it

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