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Two Handed vs Double Fisted - A Poll

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During episode 5 of Late of the Rings I mentioned playing a two player game solo and called it playing "Double Fisted".

This naming has caused some debate. So it's time to settle it with democracy: An internet poll!

I am not sure if it is possible to insert a poll here at FFG so please either let me know your thoughts as a reply here, or follow either of the links below to register a vote at either BGG or Twitter.

I will reveal the results in episode 6.


Q. When playing two decks as a solo player, what do you call this?

  • A. Playing Two Handed
  • B. Playing Double Fisted
  • C. Something else entirely (let us know what)


Links to the poll:

BoardGameGeek Poll

Twitter Poll


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Posted (edited)



Edit: My justification for going with that convention? I never hold a "fistful" of cards (can't stand the thought of damaging them like that). And as per the rules, each player has a "hand of cards." Hence two-handed when playing solo with two decks.


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