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Returning to Eldritch Horror, Leaving with Custom Investigators

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Me and my partner are big Arkham fans, with Eldritch Horror being the first game we ever picked up. We haven't played it on almost two years, not since Masks released. So when COVID locked us down (NYC, here), we immediately knew we wanted to start playing again. We've since started a campaign (with minor house rules, because let's be honest... FFG botched the whole campaign thing) using the full rogues gallery of Ancient Ones. I've learned that Abhoth is still my favorite for the Cultist Encounters alone. 

With all our mandated free time, we also thought we'd try our hand at making a couple custom investigators. Cut to EIGHTinvestigators later. This was super fun to do and I wanted to share for fun/feedback/community participation. Here's the link to the BBG thread where you can see the full size artwork/download them if you want!


Fine Print: None of these illustrations are my own and I've added credits to the back of the investigator sheets.

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