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GM Resource: Skill Adventures (Skill Challenges) [Foundry]

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Hello all!

Admin please remove if this isn't allowed. 

Created my first Foundry product! (https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/315439/Skill-Adventures

Skill Adventures

This 80 page, fully illustrated book contains some 20 ready made Skill Adventures (sometimes known as Skill Challenges) and enough assets to help even a veteran GM create more!

The Skill Adventures include Chases, Military Skill Adventures, Travel Skill Adventures, Social Skill adventures and more!

The easy to learn mechanics of a Skill Adventure are spelled out with examples and complications to help any gaming session turn into a fun filled adventure.

Moral Conundrums are included for many Skill Adventures which are perfect for Space Opera play if you want to heighten roleplay and spark chances to initiate some moral conflict for player characters.

Skill Adventures in the book include:

  • Urban Foot Chase
  • Vehicle Chase
  • Duel
  • Infiltration
  • Mass Battle
  • Siege Warfare
  • Train a Military Force
  • Navigating a Battlefield
  • Asteroid Travel
  • Desert Travel
  • Forest Travel
  • Mountain Travel
  • Other Biomes!
  • Barroom Brawl
  • Finding a Contact
  • Gala Event
  • Race
  • Assassination
  • Smuggling Run


In addition to the easy to use Skill Adventures there are optional rules for introducing Interludes, a roleplaying mechanic based off the narrative dice system to further roleplaying at the game table.

Remember—Don’t let rolls at your table be merely a skill challenge—let them be a Skill Adventure!

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