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Adversary Power Levels - How to Calculate

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I have been looking for awhile now for how to calculate the power levels of an adversary created with the general Genesys adversary creation rules. The only thing in the expanded players guide is calculating while creating with the quick creation rules. Also, the Errata includes Power levels for previously published adversaries, but nothing on how they got the scores .... I am just looking for a formula to determine what the levels come out to when you use the more free-form creation instead of quick creation. Anybody got any ideas?

(also, I know that FFG is handing over the reigns for Genesys to another company, but I don't know that the community has shifted there yet. Checking here first : ) .)

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On 5/23/2020 at 10:56 PM, Swordbreaker said:

Lots of math. In an interview with the people who worked on the book, they mentioned that the method to calculate the power levels is actually quite complicated, and the system in the book is a simplified version.

You could tag @KRKappel, who worked on the book, and ask if he'd elaborate more.

Sadly, the work I did on that is owned by FFG, and I'm really not at liberty to share any of it. However, if you bother Sam enough, who knows, you can maybe get it released in some kind of PDF format or Genesys digital supplement or something? 

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