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Hyperspace Mishaps

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I'm making a list of things that can go awry when my players fail their Astrogation check as they jump into Hyperspace. Most of them should be pretty mild, and will basically represent "You jump into hyperspace and make it partway, but are pulled out early because _______."  In most cases, they should only add a couple checks, and perhaps bang the ship up a little.  Some of them could actually prove beneficial, and a few of them will be downright nasty.  I'll throw together a little table and stock it like the old D&D Random Encounters.

So far I have:
Ion storm
Asteroid Belt
Imperial Interdiction Patrol - Looking for someone else, but scanning all ships caught.
IMperial Interdiction Patrol - Looking for PCs
Dense Nebula
Pod of Purrgils or other space whales
Pirates using a gravity mine to “fish”

I'll be sorting them by how troublesome they are.  When the group fails their check, I'll roll 2d10.  Stuff in the middle will be very mundane.  Suffer some strain, steer out of the way of the asteroid, get back on track.  Stuff on the low end will be interesting and possibly helpful.  The Purrgil pod, for example.  Stuff on the high end will be the worst. Advantage and Threat can be spent before the roll to lower or raise the result, and anything 20+ stands a chance of derailing the session.  Of course I'll share if I manage to get it all worked out.

So... anything y'all think I should throw into this list?

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 "You jump into hyperspace and make it partway, but are pulled out early because _______." 

General hyperdrive malfunction. It overheated, or a spring sprung that should have sprang.

Mynocks,  or maybe some yournocks, chewed on some cables at the previous spaceport.

Ghosts. Unexplained quirk.

Monkey-lizards are loose in engineering. "How did monkey-lizards get on the ship?!"

Malfunctioning navicomputer.

Deliberate sabotage.

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I have one for ya.

*Ahem* Players arguing on the bridge about a course of action, and quirky NPC droid that has some questionable programming decides to mess with the navicomputer... which drops the ship out near a black hole :D

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  • Large asteroid/small planetoid that pirates have towed into the spacelanes to be used as a budget interdictor.
  • Black hole whose intense gravity causes the hyperdrive to rupture as you exit hyperspace, flooding the engine room with deadly radiation/fuel.
  • Pulsar - and you happen to be pulled out of hyperspace right into it's relativistic jet - which subsequently fries the ships systems.
  • A gizka got into the ship's conduits and now you not only have an awful smell, but also a fire, half the ship without electricity and a gizka infestation.

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