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Collapse of the Republic stole fan artwork for the back cover

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2 hours ago, Stan Fresh said:

Just wondering, does he credit the designers of all the vehicles and logos and other bits of SW design language he uses in his images?

Because when I look at this artstation and his personal page, I don't see any credits to the original designers on there.

It's pretty clear you're not interested in actually understanding why this is an issue, but sure, I'll do part of your job for you.

Attached is only the most recent example (and it's only copied in part because of the file size restrictions). I've followed him for a while now and he does this all the time when developing his own version of pre-existing designs based on comic art or old rpg books and, to a limited extent, when developing his own original designs. The WIP posts are also part of that--showing how each design develops through his process. 

Unlike the original artist being called out in this post, he's not literally cutting and pasting anything into his designs and calling it his own, and getting paid for it. He's not stealing someone else's 3D model (or even parts of someone's model) and pasting them into his files, which is exactly what was done in this case.


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Posted (edited)

cool, so let's see how consistent he is there by looking at his recreation of the AT-AT:



Hm, I don't see anything about the original artists there on either page.

EDIT: You're posting images of him... not giving credit to the original artists? As an example of... what?

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