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Hello all,

Like many of you, I think we are considering Daisy decks once more. For me, though, I haven't really used her since core. There are a lot of tomes out there now, especially exp tomes (esoteric atlas, old book of lore, encyclopedia, otherworldly codex) and some of the 0xp tomes have their place. I'm running her in a TFA campaign, and I must say that the medical texts have come in handy.

I'm just using the standard front and back, but it got me wondering what tomes and how many do people like to run in a Daisy deck? Do you take 4 tomes with 2 copies each? Do you take 8 tomes with 1 copy each and rely on Mr. Rook/Eureka/Research Librarian to find the one you need for the situation? Is there one tome you ALWAYS go for first? 

I've found her to be pretty resource starved and takes a bit of set-up though usually you get those actions back in the form of other tome actions. Astounding revelations help for sure if you're running search Daisy. Do you guys take Unearth the Ancients or crack the cases for resource management? Or are you just very choosy about which and how many tomes you put out? 4 tomes plus Daisy's tote can cost 5 actions and 14 or so resources. 

Just wondering. I've seen a lot of talk about her lately and which cards her parallel version opens up with her deck-building, but I'm curious how you run her. She is very powerful no matter what, and you don't usually need to run anything to boost her intelligence much, so unlike other seekers, you don't really NEED to have a magnifying glass or fingerprint kit (unless you are in a 3-4 player game). 

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well,  first I have to say that Daisy has never stopped being amazing.   She's really good.

That said... I would probably just take 2x Old Book of Lore, and if you want to go crazy,  maybe a research librarian or two.    I still don't really consider other tomes especially worth it.  OBL is pretty much the best one.   The reason is that Daisy doesnt really need 8 tomes,  she needs 1 tome that she wants to use all the time, and that's basically exactly what OBL is.   

I don't usually go "search" daisy.   I just probably wouldn't bother.   Keep her 30 card deck tighter and packed with stuff you really want, and I dont think Astounding Revelation makes the cut for me.    Actually, I don't really generally feel too resource starved when I play daisy... I guess it depends on what you're running, but I usually end up being rich if I get Milan out (and we do play Taboo.  but even still).  Then again,  I'm not spending money on tomes.   

I don't like Unearth the Ancients,  I think it's a pretty poor card.   I think it's a very poor card.  Crack the case is a good include though, and emergency cache.  I pretty much never am going to put out Daisy's tote bag, ever.   I don't really want more than 1 tome.   

I would definitely still run both magnifying glass and fingerprint kit.   Whether or not you "need" them aside, those cards are great.   I like to run trench coat for a little extra survivability,   that's really the only other level 0 asset I usually play.    Eventually Death XIII and Pathfinder once you get XP.   

In essence,  just go really light on tomes, and only use the good one (OBL).   Then fill your deck up with whatever other seeker toys make sense to you.  Some favorites are I've Got a Plan, Deduction, milan, magnifying glass, fingerprint kit, eureka, maybe research librarian.  Neutral: Perception/Manual dexterity are fine,  flashlight if you feel like it.  As I said earlier, I like trench coat.   Mystic off class;  hardly anything.   2x Ward of Protection,  and if you're feeling very cheeky,  2x delve too deep,  otherwise nothing else from mystic.  

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Posted (edited)

In general, I agree with everything you've said here. However, and I suppose I should have mentioned this more explicitly, I am reconsidering Daisy partially because of not having used her for a while, and partially because I particularly do want to go outside the normal or even optimal deck builds and try to make use of the new tomes to the best of her ability. I generally agree that putting multiple tomes out is not needed, but it can be fun and make her extremely flexible.

I don't want to build her like other seekers because I've done that to death to some extent and she makes some less-than-stellar cards that are easily passed up by seekers something that at least COULD be used. Seekers have some of the best cards in the game at lvl 0 and it's very hard to take something as clunky and action inefficient as Esoteric Atlas over a couple of pathfinders and/or shortcuts, but if anyone could do it, Daisy could.

I actually explicitly took Esoteric Atlas to teleport the relic out of scenario 2 of TFA, and it was really fun. I held onto a Knowledge is Power all game so I could snag the relic, exhaust the atlas, then knowledge is power to tele through 2 diferent sets of hunting enemies and got to the entrance. Was it necessary? No. But it was kind of neat.

So I guess to better frame this question, imagine that you were FORCED to go hog-wild and build 8(ish) tomes into a Daisy deck (with the possibility of actually considering using Daisy's Totebag). 

I see what you mean here as far as not having resource issues because typically seekers don't really have that problem in general. But when you're juggling tomes and totebags, it could come up.

(I am running 2x Delves; if you're interested in seeing what I'm going with so far, here is my deck: https://arkhamdb.com/deck/view/765756) I'm not trying for an optimal build. But regardless, this question is less about how I should build a deck, and more just a conversation starter for the kinds of decks, perhaps, that only Daisy can make work. What tomes, allies, events, etc do you take, and which ones do you pass over? Scroll of Prophecies or Old Book of Lore for instance... or both? Leave the Atlas at home in favor of a pathfinder or two, and bring along a medical text instead to cover a slightly different support?

(Note: Daisy with the Otherworld Codex, Old book of Lore, practice makes Perfect and deductions/enraptureds, plus Mr. Rook really has quite a few ways to take advantage of research cards)

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