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My Final Deck or The Return of Riku Stopra Aggro!

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Player: Riku Level 3 (Japanese)


Level 0
Tidus x2
The King
The Mayor x2

Level 1
Tidus x2 (Discards a Level 1 whenever I choose to discard him)
Jack Skellington

Level 2
King Triton
Jack Skellington

Level 3
Kairi (Japanese)
Jack Skellington

Level 4
The Don

Level 5
Cloud & Sephiroth (Japanese)

Simba Level 3 x2
Stitch Level 1 (Japanese)

Soul Eater x3
Way to the Dawn (Japanese) x2

Stopra x2


Cave of Wonders Guradian x2
Parasite Cage
Hot Rod (Japanese)
Barrel Spider
Storm Rider (Japanese)

Destiny Island Level 1 x2


Event 1


It's currently 46 w/Player. Just a a new age update to the old Stopra Aggro from Set 2...Basically I'm hitting my opponent fast and hard,  Storm Rider controls the WR game a bit more, Way to the Dawn + Soul Eater = -3HP a challenge.and WTTD Heal cancels if I discard a card, which is what Stopra will help with. Mayor and Moogle help bridge....ummm...anything else feel free to ask. ^_^

Whatcha think guys/gals?



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Er... unless the translation that was on the unofficial website was wrong doesn't Land of the Dragons Lv2 only protect Land of the Dragons friend cards?

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The translations on the Lackey plugin were copied from the website and according to it LotD Lv1 allows you to play any LotD friend cards ignoring level, LotD Lv2 prevents LotD friend cards from being discarded by world card effects, and LotD Lv3 prevents your opponent from playing more than two dark/heartless or dark/nobody cards if all the friend and world cards on your side of the field are LotD cards.

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Hmm...there may have been an error in translation between the original draft and posting to the site...The original draft I edited just says "Friend Cards"...

Well now I'm just plain confused...

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Turns out CamMan was correct...I just read the translation wrong...

Also corrected mistakes like The Duck Brothers being the correct level and their spelling...this is what I get for typing too fast, lol


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i like the look of the build, it looks like it should run well. :)

just wondering, have you thought about running any of the promo's other than event 1. like maybe:

Tigger- for the aggro

Cid- for card recycling so you get the hand you need easier and don't get stuck with jenk

maybe do an Ice Titan in your Dark stuff, can't remember the exact effect but its still a lv 8 with 25 power, not bad for late game play

or maybe Fat Bandit(No support from friends or attack cards will work on him)

Stealth Sneak. just some stuff to stall out their world run, or stop them from getting too many friends out to stand against your aggro-ness.

Will Turner Lv 2 (searches for an Equipment card, plus has 5 combat for support) so you can get WTTD either through draw or him.

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Thanks for the input sir! ^_^


Tigger - Don't feel like making a fool of myself for an extra four power, call me a stick in the mud, just not my thing. I have felt like this deck needs more power though.

Cid - Not a bad idea...honestly kind of forgot about him.

Ice Titan - Big Heartless with high levels suck, end of story...by the time you can get them out, you should be winning or stalling them enough already..I learned this lesson around Set 2, they just aren't worth it.

Stealth Sneak - I never understood why people liked this card so much, there's better Control Dark Cards and most good WR decks are running Herc to bounce it.

Wil Turner - My Riku starts with WTTD equipped, so by the time I were to lose it (if I did even lose it to begin with it) I'd probably draw into my second one.

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Guest Not In Sample

i would have done it differently , but thats just me .

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